Alerl  5 x Therapy Putty Squeezable

Alerl 5 x Therapy Putty Squeezable

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Perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, fidget toy, or stress reliever. Using the therapy putty strengthens the hand muscles, improves fine motor skills and relieves stress. Squeeze, pinch, stretch, and twist the putty to effectively work the hand muscles and to provide a sensory outlet.

Discover The Benefits Of Hand Therapy: with our complete set of therapy putty for kids and adults. Set includes three types of putty for thinking, stress and therapy. (Each putty is 57 grams.)

Find The Right Resistance Level For You: With our OT therapy putty set that includes 3 different resistance levels and colors. Extra Soft, Medium, Firm. Tan, Red, Blue.

Use For Sensory Therapy: in the classroom and at home to help children think and fidget while they learn. Hand putty is a great stress reliever, too! Perfect for office settings and while travelling.

Contains Non Toxic Ingredients: to make sure you and your child are safe while working with the hand putty.